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Artificial Grass Benefits in North Texas

Artificial grass is about more than meets the eye. It’s one of the best ways to enhance the look and feel of your property. Save Green Stay Green Turf explains the benefits of artificial grass installation in North Texas. The gorgeous, low-maintenance synthetic grass option can benefit your pocketbook and lifestyle. Instead of spending all your time maintaining your lawn, take time to enjoy it. Our experienced team members can help you find the perfect type of artificial grass for your property. Contact us today to learn more about our premium synthetic grass products.

Why Choose Artificial Grass for My Lawn?

Artificial grass is an excellent way to create a natural-looking lawn, enjoy a putting green for golf practice, and relax without worrying about maintenance. Some of the most significant benefits of artificial grass include the following:

Conserves Water

Over 50 percent of our water bill is dedicated to watering natural grass. Artificial grass installation helps conserve water and help with water restrictions. For every square foot we install, you can save up to 55 gallons of water.

Saves Time and Money

You can save thousands of dollars and countless hours of work when you install synthetic grass. You can enjoy spending more time with loved ones instead of keeping up with your yard.

Fewer Pests

Our synthetic turf helps lower the number of pests on your property. We help eliminate bugs, scorpions, mosquitoes, and other pests. You won’t need to use harmful pesticides around your property.

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass is a low-maintenance option for your yard. Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance to maintain a beautiful, evergreen yard. All you need is an occasional brush-up, water spray, and sanitary items for animals to help maintain your grass.

Reduce Non-Point Source Pollution

Over 65 million pounds of toxic fertilizers and lawn pesticides are released into the local water supply each year. You can lower your negative environmental impact with artificial turf installation. Our synthetic turf products are non-toxic and safe.

Increased Convenience

You don’t need to make a trip to the local golf course when you have a putting green in your backyard. You can perfect your short game, and play for hours on your putting green.

Increased Curb Appeal

Never worry about brown patches and seasonal changes that require expensive treatments. Our synthetic grass is equipped with UV inhibitors that prevent your grass from fading. Our grass has a tuft bind which makes it very durable and able to handle harsh weather conditions.

Pet Friendly

Your pets will love the soft grass under their feet. You don’t need to worry about muddy paws or yellow spots on your grass. Artificial turf is fast and easy to clean.

Kid Friendly

Artificial grass is an excellent product to place under kiddie play equipment. Kids can enjoy playing on the soft grass without worrying about allergies or getting dirty.

Stay Green With the Benefits of Artificial Turf

Let us design the perfect artificial turf area for your property. The installation of a putting green offers a range of benefits, from enhancing golf skills and providing health benefits to improving aesthetic appeal and offering financial advantages. You’ll love the look and feel of the lush, green grass. Kids, pets, and adults of all ages can reap the benefits of synthetic turf. We offer multiple options for artificial turf in Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney, Allen, Heath, Mansfield, and the surrounding areas.

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