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Artificial Grass Installation Process in North Texas

Save Green Stay Green Turf uses a high-quality artificial turf installation process to ensure a long lifespan in North Texas. The comprehensive process involves several steps, starting with the preparation of the base material and ending with the securing of the turf. The procedure ensures a smooth and durable surface, perfect for pets and requiring minimal maintenance. Our team will help you understand our installation process and answer questions about it.

Our 7-Step Process

Step 1: Pre-Installation

We remove any debris from the installation area. If you have a sprinkler system, we ensure it’s capped off to prevent any damage during the installation process.

Step 2: Artificial Grass Base Preparation

We prepare the base material to form the foundation for the artificial turf. It’s vital to prepare the base to deter unwanted weed growth beneath the artificial grass.

Step 3: Compacting Base

We compact the base to ensure it is secure and boost its durability. We evenly spread a layer of crushed stone or decomposed granite across the area, forming the first layer of the base material. This layer is compacted until firm and stable.

Step 4: Custom Fitting Artificial Turf

After we compact the base, we roll the artificial turf over it. We take extra care to ensure the turf aligns perfectly with the edge. The turf is then secured using non-galvanized turf nails every six inches to secure the turf to its thick base.

Step 5: Tucking Artificial Turf Edges

We professionally tuck in the border of the edges to ensure a neat finish. We use a putty knife and hammer to tuck in the border of the turf.

Step 6: Applying Filler

Artificial turf requires filler, also known as infill, for several critical reasons. Primarily, it aids in maintaining the upright position of the turf fibers, giving the surface a fuller and more natural look.

Step 7: Final Groom

The last step of our artificial grass installation process is a final inspection. Our artificial grass experts ensure all areas of the turf are secure and ready for foot traffic.

Enjoy Versatile Synthetic Grass Products

We offer versatile synthetic grass products for your home or office. We customize our designs and can create the perfect synthetic turf area for you. Our team follows a meticulous artificial turf installation process that requires careful planning and execution. Our hard work ensures you don’t have to work as hard to maintain your beautiful yard. We are here for all your artificial grass needs in North West Texas. Let us help you stay green and save green today!

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