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Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass, also known as synthetic turf, is a surface made from synthetic fibers that mimics the appearance and feel of natural grass. It is commonly used in residential and commercial landscaping, sports fields, and playgrounds.

Artificial grass is non-toxic, made from pet-friendly, kid-friendly nylon or plastic materials.

Artificial grass is eco-friendly in many ways. It’s good for the environment because it saves water and doesn’t need to be mowed. Many turf products are also made of recycled materials.

Artificial turf isn’t completely sustainable, The plastic in turf is a petroleum-based product. Also, while it can be made from recycled plastic, turf isn’t biodegradable.

Artificial grass offers several advantages over natural grass, including:

  • Low Maintenance: Artificial grass doesn’t require mowing, watering, or fertilization, saving you time and money.
  • Durability: Artificial grass can withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions, making it a long-lasting solution.
  • Aesthetics: Artificial grass maintains its lush green appearance year-round, regardless of weather or foot traffic.
  • Pet-Friendly: Artificial grass is resistant to pet urine and digging, making it a great choice for pet owners.

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Artificial turf is made of plastic fibers or nylon. Manufacturers keep coming up with newer and better materials all the time. Here are the most common turf fibers:

  • Nylon: Nylon is the most durable fiber used to manufacture turf, and it comes with a Class 1 fire rating for added safety. However, it fades in direct sunlight, so it’s not a good choice for outdoor turf. It’s also abrasive, which can be an issue if you fall or slide on it.
  • Polypropylene: It won’t fade in direct sunlight, and it’s softer and less abrasive than nylon. You get comfort and durability in a single package. However, it’s not always given a Class 1 fire rating, and it’s not as durable as nylon.
  • Polyethylene: Made from recycled plastic bottles, polyethylene is both eco-friendly and more affordable than nylon or polypropylene. It’s the softest choice of all, and it doesn’t fade in direct sunlight. Because it’s so soft, it will need a high face weight to handle more traffic

Artificial grass can last for 10 to 20 years or even longer with proper care and maintenance.

Artificial grass can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including soil, concrete, and even existing patios or decks. However, proper preparation of the base is essential for a successful installation.

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance. Regular brushing and rinsing with water will keep it clean and free of debris. Occasional deep cleaning may be necessary to remove stubborn stains or pet waste.

From time to time and depending on conditions, artificial turf can get dusty. Regular yard debris (tree leaves, etc.) can also accumulate on the turf. It will resist staining and is warrantied against fading for up to 8 years. Maintenance for the turf if it becomes dirty or littered with foreign debris is as follows: wash turf off with garden hose to remove dust as needed. If there are lots of leaves or foreign debris on the turf, simply use a leaf blower to gently remove items until clean. Please note: do not point the air tub directly into grass, as it will disrupt the infill that was applied.

Much like you would treat these incidents on grass or other services, you can pick up solids to dispose of, and then rinse thoroughly with water and a pet enzyme to kill any germs and bacteria caused by the urine and pet feces. If pets regularly use the turf, this method will need to be repeated once or twice per week.

The grass is priced by the square foot which is the width of an area times the length. Arcadia Turf is happy to come out and provide free price estimates to ensure accurate measurements, address any landscaping issues, and design an area that fits within your budget. We offer a wide range of landscape, playground, pet and putting green systems to best suit your needs. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Installation varies depending on the size and complexity of your project. For example, the total square footage of the project, how much removal is involved, and if we are installing weed fabric, gopher guard or any type of perimeter edging. Here are some typical installation times: up to 500 square feet is 1-2 days; 500-1000 square feet is 3-5; 1000- 2000 square feet is 7-10 days. Take advantage of our free estimate to find out how long your project will take.

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